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Critical Communications

Critical communications is at the core of all information and communications systems saving time, money and lives

Critical communications has a long history, beginning during the early part of the 20th century with Marconi and other wireless pioneers. Private, professional land mobile radio (LMR/PMR) networks evolved from the 1930s onwards to provide specialised, bespoke, wide-area communications services. Global digital critical communications standards such as TETRA and P25 are widely used today by emergency services, critical national infrastructure and other critical users.

“Critical communications needs to form part of this evolution towards the so-called 5G Society”

Today almost everyone in the developed world possesses a smartphone as our primary means of communication. Universal, immediate access to relevant information and services is rapidly becoming a basic human right. Critical communications needs to form part of this evolution towards the so-called 5G Society, by engaging more closely with global standards bodies such as 3GPP, IETF, IEEE to help develop this next generation of mobile services.

We are currently observing the rapid convergence of all sectors of our societies and economies around new service delivery models, which will be enabled by a powerful, hyperconnected, next-generation Internet of Everything. To guarantee a better, smarter, safer future society, critical communications must be placed at the very core of these new service delivery models.

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