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Our Mission

To serve the critical communications community in a world where all communications are potentially critical

We live in an increasingly complex, dangerous world, where no-one can tell what will happen next. Advanced technologies and imaginative new services promise to make our lives easier, better, smarter and safer; and yet accelerating angst associated with modern life shows no signs of abating.

Quixoticity was created in 2012 by Peter Clemons, to help key stakeholders navigate the complex world of critical communications. Every nation must identify the best way of protecting its citizens, cities, critical national infrastructure and other key assets from a growing number of threats and challenges, caused by small- and large-impact natural and man-made disasters. By its very nature, critical communications must be at the core of all viable solutions.

Quixoticity promises to use its vast, wide-ranging experience of past events, current trends together with a vision for the future to prepare authorities, emergency services and other critical users, as well as the public, to cope better with this increasingly complex, dangerous world; turning it into a better, smarter, safer one.

Peter Clemons

Peter Clemons is a well-known, truly global critical communications expert who has been serving the community since 1996

Critical communications is at the core of all information and communications systems saving time, money and lives.

The United Nations SDGs set out an alternative vision…

Quixoticity’s Peter Clemons shares his unique way of seeing and interpreting the world

Access the latest thinking from Quixoticity and understand what it means for you.

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