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Peter Clemons

Peter Clemons is a well-known, truly global critical communications expert who has been serving the community since 1996

Peter is an economist and communications technology enthusiast with a unique, wide-ranging set of skills for understanding the global critical communications landscape. He is a former Director and Board Member of TCCA – The Critical Communications Association – and has collaborated at one time or another with most of the key global players in this field.

Peter’s experience is truly global. He lived for several years in Latin America before returning to his native UK during the 1990s. He has been involved in projects, programmes and initiatives in Europe, North, Central and South America, Middle East and Asia-Pacific, including Australia. He is widely recognised today as one of the leading global experts in critical communications.

Since founding Quixoticity in early 2012, Peter now spends much of his time closely studying future trends within the global technology sector, to see how the critical communications community can appropriate the most innovative, cutting-edge solutions to create a better, smarter, safer world and play a central role in this exciting, challenging future.

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