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A global call for new ideas and innovative services

Peter Clemons

Following 6 years of hard work, deep thinking and close collaboration and consultation with the global critical communications community, Quixoticity has developed its first product and service: Quixoticity Index 2017, launched recently at the excellent Comms Connect 2017 event in Melbourne, Australia. This first edition of the Index focuses on an initial list of 10 markets at the bleeding edge of global innovation in next-generation solutions. A comprehensive summary document can be found here:

The Quixoticity Index 2017


However, our work has only just begun. The philosophy, methodology and mathematical model underpinning the Index have all been tested and observed to work reasonably well. We will continue to follow the global critical communications market closely over the coming weeks, months and years, adjusting and improving our model so that it can spot key trends and predict future developments.

Now that our website is up and running, I intend to engage much more actively with the global community during 2018: developing and presenting new ideas; encouraging the spread of global best practice; identifying and writing about exciting, compelling new mission-critical services and applications from around the world, with the clear potential to save lives and make the world a better place.

Quixoticity will be adding more markets to Quixoticity Index 2018. We are particularly keen to incorporate a few emerging markets from Asia, Africa and Latin America that are showing clear signs of innovation in the area of critical communications and that can validate our model. All your suggestions – and case studies – are welcomed by Quixoticity.

Quixoticity is also looking for a closer collaboration with key industry players with local, national regional and global reach who can help us develop the Index further over the coming years. It is most definitely our intention, ambition and ultimate goal to make the Quixoticity Index one of the focal points globally for future thinking not just about critical communications, but next-generation communications in general, as well as alternative models for future societies and economies.

So, we must not think 2018 will be business as usual for our community or the world at large. We are living through times of rapid technological change. We live in the best of times, but also potentially the worst of times, where one mistake could be catastrophic for humankind.

How can we make sure that we leave a better world for our children and grand-children than the one we inherited?

If we look out as far as 2030, what is possible if we focus on the positives and think really, really hard?

Therefore, the big, big focus of Quixoticity Index 2018 will be the search for innovative new services and applications with the potential to transform our industry and community over the coming years. While we must protect those current practices and solutions that keep our societies safe today, we must also be able to dream about a better society to come. All those organisations and markets able to develop exciting new applications – and share these with the rest of the world – will score highly in future Quixoticity Indexes.

So, finally – as another momentous year slips away, many parts of the world prepare for end-of-year festivities and New Year’s Resolutions are made for 2018 – I wish you all a peaceful and prosperous time ahead.

I also look forward to working together with all of you in 2018 and beyond to create a better, smarter, safer world by 2030 based on the fundamental, non-negotiable pillars of mission-critical communications, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and a fully-developed 5G architecture and ecosystem.

Together, we can make a difference.

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